Do you want to see a real story of Oliver Sacks many stories we read! Watch this movie, Momento! I watched this movie a million times and I never felt bored, on the contrary, every time I was more intrigued to think!

You see he lost his short term memory after an accident and was unable to generate new memories and these memories at best lasted for 15 minutes! 15 minutes before your life repeats itself again and again and again! Imagine that you had that thought in your head before the accident and even if you managed somehow to accomplish it afterwards, you never remember! And you keep going behind the same quest again and again and again!

To cope with this, he created a system. He will ink facts (whatever he realizes before forgetting about it) into his body and rely on Polaroid pictures with names on them to identify people! Pretty much messed up, right!


Remember Sam Jenkins!

He keeps repeating to himself. A case that brought up to him about a guy with a short term memory case that happened after an accident that he himself didn’t believe was true! Would the power of habit works in this case? What do you think?

Now imagine your life built on top of ‘could be facts’ where your brain, the only thing that you relied on your entire life to be true, is no longer effective, no longer valid! Imagine that your life is a time loophole that never ends and anything outside, anyone will try to show you the truth from their own perspective and you can’t do anything about it! People will be the source of your truth, your own life and all you can do is to live in doubt.


For the book “Islam between East and West”, now this case is really fascinating to be discussed within morality, choice and freedom, would be mental joy at its best, but… Oh, well…


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