Documentaries Once again!

One of the most enjoyable experiences I have is when I sit with my parents and watch a documentary. I think we are doing this ritual for ages that I can’t remember when we had started.

What’s nice about my parents is that we share lots of common tastes and activities that we do together. From watching National Geographic with its different channels to the BBC 2 and Al Jazeera Documentary or those that I download to watch together.

Science documentaries are the most common documentaries to watch. I have a bunch of them I can’t even remember how many I watched, mostly however, are BBC documentaries. These are some of science documentaries that intrigued my mind to explore the vast universe:

Everything and Nothing (2 Episode series, 2011) by Jim Al-Khalili


“Two-part documentary which deals with two of the deepest questions there are – what is everything, and what is nothing? In two episodes, Professor Jim Al-Khalili searches for an answer to these questions as he explores the true size and shape of the universe and delves into the amazing science behind apparent nothingness. EVERYTHING: The first part, Everything, sees Professor Al-Khalili set out to discover what the universe might actually look like. The journey takes him from the distant past to the boundaries of the known universe. Along the way he charts the remarkable stories of the men and women who discovered the truth about the cosmos and investigates how our understanding of space has been shaped by both mathematics and astronomy. NOTHING: Explores science at the very limits of human perception, where we now understand the deepest mysteries of the universe lie. Jim Al-Khalili sets out to answer one very simple question – what is nothing? His journey ends with perhaps the most profound insight about reality that humanity has ever made. Everything came from nothing. The quantum world of the super-small shaped the vast universe we inhabit today, and Jim Al-Khalili can prove it.”

I have watched these two episodes many times, worth all your time.

Wonders of Brian Cox Series


I stumbled upon this series a while ago and when I found out that there is a series of books out there for this made me puzzled! However, this series was a little bit expensive for me so one day I will save enough money to buy it 😉

However, the series (or at least the Wonders of the Universe series) is available at the BBC Store and it is more affordable to buy and download.

Other interesting series:

BBC Horizon on science and philosophy


“Horizon tells amazing science stories, unravels mysteries and reveals worlds you’ve never seen before.”

Planet Earth by BBC


“David Attenborough celebrates the amazing variety of the natural world in this epic documentary series, filmed over four years across 64 different countries.”