Gaming and Addiction!

Every now and then, I get addicted to a new game! I guess that’s maybe because it makes you focus on one thing, one goal and accomplishing that goal! it all started back from the days of AX-170 Computer (a.k.a Computer Sakhr), a Kuwaiti computer that was targeting the Arab community. I can’t recall the exact date of when we got that one, but I remember being fascinated by the drawing tool in it :).. by the way, we still have it!


After that, we used to play on the Family Atari, and boy, that was something! I guess I enjoyed the car racing game the most, it was like really big thing! the canon that shoots monkeys and the airplanes one!… memories! I can’t remember how many times the hand was ruined and I guess this one ended up being sold to junk collectors!


I can’t remember what came first, the Nintendo games or Microsoft 95. My head is missed up around this era, however, for the Nintendo game, Super Mario was the hit, an epic game that was and still my favorite. Even my Mom played that game! we used to play against each other at house and against cousins and uncles and we were professional players! we would reach the final stage in the game without losing any soul! those days were the golden age!


When we first bought Windows 95 and later on Windows 98, it was all about games! I can’t remember how many games we played on these two! from Tomb raider to Fifa 98, Need for Speed the initial versions. We were pro! proud ones. I used to beat the hell out of my two brothers and it was lots of fun! in Fifa, my brothers hated playing against me as I was a real pro and never left a chance to tease them about me ‘the girl’ beating them 😀




Add to that, Windows 2000, XP and moving forward! My favorite games would be Need for Speed all versions, Call of Duty all versions too! Fifa all versions, Tennis and the great Grand Theft Auto GTAaaaaa 😀

Play station and Nintendo Wii! we have a Nintendo Wii at the office and I spent half an hour trying to connect it to the TV and make it working. Once it was flashing there on the screen I was so full of myself 😀 but then I found that the controllers were not working so!




My latest obsession is this! I’m all wrapped up around this and I’m improving over time and bought a bada** bike =D


Another one that is similar to this and yup, it is a car racer 😀


And the Adrenaline rush we are having when we play Despicable Me!

Despicible Me 2

And this one but… MEH! I didn’t go beyond the first Island I was not really hooked up to it!


Board Games!

Yes, these are my ultimate obsession I guess! It is rare to find someone who enjoys them but I do a lot! and wish to find someone who share my same obsessions 😥





My Favorite, Ticket to Ride,




top that with any card game, I’m all up for it 🙂 Am I a gaming addict, well.. I don’t think so.. yet O_o