Am I socially retarded?


It occurred to me a while ago that I’m socially challenged and it doesn’t bother me to be honest. However, what brought it up now is because my friend’s wedding is in two days and the only thing I was thinking of whether to reach there a little bit late to avoid the awkward silence or type of chat my friends will be talking to me about or not!

Now, I seriously find it difficult to sit down with my friends and gossip or engage in conversations about their struggle with their kids or spouses and this kind of yada yada chitchat!

Add to that, I find it even more difficult to talk about social stuff and that’s why most of my friends end up asking me about my work and make me feel even more bored with this!

I guess this stopped bothering me overtime, I accepted the fact that I can be challenging when it comes to social conversations. I tried many times to change 🙂 I can talk to you about any topic from religion to politics, art, movies, psychology, technology, science you name it! I can lecture you on the importance of communication and connection and the challenges this interconnected world is bringing, however, I will not going to be able to tell you that your shoes looks nice or is this an amazing bag, what brand is it!

Also, I go crazy when I find someone who I can connect with and talk! I go hyper insane and will loose control over the way I speak and think ending up pushing these people away.

I guess some stuff can’t be learned reading a book or watching a talk on YouTube. Nevertheless, I’ll end up going to the wedding early and read a book on kindle while praying the bride won’t take forever taking pictures with the groom! I’ll never change obviously O_o


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