Along the way to Sweden

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and extraordinary experiences you have in your life. Sweden has been amazing so far in Lund, Malmo, Landskrona, the people, the place, the life and yes it might get a little boring for some since Lund is considered a college city where things can be slow sometimes but still I really think it is really a nice and perfect place if you are looking for a quiet place to be on your own and study!

Before talking about Lund as a city and my time here in Sweden, I’d like to share some experiences I had during this journey. It was a very long and tiring flight landing in two airports from Jordan through Frankfurt airport, Copenhagen airport and then Lund. Its been a while since I traveled through Queen Alia airport in Jordan, it is bigger now and you need to follow what exactly the direction the personnel who check your passport guides you to on the gates otherwise you might end waiting for more than 20 minutes in the cafeteria instead of the designated gate waiting area.

The flight was with Lufthansa airline and quite comfy. Its my first time to travel at night and I was amazed how they turned off the light during taking off for a while and then serving us a meal! I really cherished the small blanket and the pillow they placed on every seat but for sure I couldn’t sleep due to the noisy sound of the plane but it seems if you travel a lot, you get used to it!!

Lufthansa plane

Frankfurt airport is one of the biggest airports I’ve seen so far, everyone is on the run and if it happens and get your flight late as ours, you might miss a flight for sure! There was lots of running there, frankly I didn’t like the allocation and spread of the duty free shops as it was difficult to find a perfume shop! they might change your gate number so you need to keep your eye on every screen they have all over the place.

Lufthansa airport

One thing I didn’t like about Frankfurt airport was that the passport checking personnel were very rigid and they even through a racist comment to my face when passing the security check for being an Arab! the thing that you should keep in mind is to ask when you don’t know what to do, there is a lot of kind people who are willing to help and can direct you wherever you get lost. One last remark about the airport was that the toilets were really horrible!

Flying over Norway and Denmark was another story. I was very tired and even didn’t have the strength to pull up my Camera but it was an amazing view up in the sky. The clouds lines were very awesome looking like piles of cotton and snow. The wind turbines in the sea were epic, the formation and their movement. The far away ships and boats looked like frozen objects in time and damn I really should’ve filmed this but Insha’Allah will do so on my way back.

I was amazed when I went to get my baggage and that’s it! no passport checks whats so ever! a handsome taxi driver in Mercedes came to pick us up from the airport to Lund through the well known bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo but that’s a different story that will be told later 🙂


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