My Cyber World

In life.. I live in B or C classified places.. never in A..

In Palestine as well.. I do live in C area that is controlled by the Israelis.

My guess is that I’ll never live in A places which is really cool as I won’t be bounded by well designed houses and shaped trees..

In my head.. I design web sites.. people lives in my mind… in pages I’ve created… in my sleepless nights and my dreams…

I architect.. I implement and I create..

In the cyber world.. I’m all connected.. I communicate.. I relate.. I exist.

In life.. I’m a ghost.. I live on the edges on the border of the no where

My library is my symmetry.. I live with corpses all the time.. the Muslims.. the Jews.. the Christians.. the non believers.. the infidels… and they talk to me… think with me… and we are friends!!

I dream of the vast sky… the stars and the darkness of the space.. the world is huge and I’m nothing… I drown in black… and I’m drifted away…

I see the world behind glasses… a layer after a layer…

Another mask… you put one after another after another…

Life is fake… until you find a meaning in all the non sense that happens outside your head

My head… a non stopping machine… an organized chaos… that controls me…

And I’m drifted away… behind the walls… of someone else’s mind!!


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