My Bookshelves 1


Nop, my bookshelves are not as neat as they look in these images, I have piles of books all over my room, my work office and at my Mom’s too!! The image above is 9 months old and you can imagine how it might look like now!! One day when I finally get my custom bookshelves Insha’Allah I will be able to bring all of them in one place. So for the sake of this post, I had to empty my library and the piles of books at front last week and took different shots for them.

Beside my school and work books, most of my books are in Arabic so I will list these in Arabic. As for those in English, I will list those I have them here for now and I will update this post Insha’Allah with those at work and my Sherlock BBC edition coming up the way in mail once they arrive 😀

I will write another post for the rest of my Islamic and fiction Arabic novels in a separate post so this won’t be long as forever!!

I buy most of my Arabic and Islamic books from libraries here in Jordan and from books exhibitions held in here each year. For my English books, I find it cheaper for me to order them online than buying them from libraries here!! so I order from Amazon, Bookdepository, Jamalon and sometimes my boss bring them for me when he go to the US!!


Politics and Islamic Shelf

Shelf 1

I have a modest shelf for political and Islamic books in English, not much but I’m planning to grow them Insha’Allah.

1. Dirty wars by Jeremy Scahill.
2. The Palestine Papaers: The end of the road> by Clayton E. Swisher and Ghada Karmi.
3. Seeking Palestine: New Palestinian Writing on Exile and Home by Raja Shehadeh.
4. Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America by Yossef Bodansky.
5. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein.
6. Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege by Amira Hass.
7. GAZA: When the Sky Rained White Fire by Musheir El-Farra.
8. Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism by Cornel West.
9. The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk.
10. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe.
11. Gaza: Stay Human by Vittorio Arrigoni.

12. A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller.
13. What I Believe by Tariq Ramadan.
14. The Quest for Meaning: Developing a Philosophy of Pluralism by Tariq Ramadan.
15. Al-Ghazzali on Knowing Yourself and God by Mohammed al-Ghazali. A gift from my brother Tim 🙂
16. Al-Ghazali on the Ninety-nine Beautiful Names of God by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. I borrowed this from my brother Tim and I will return it to him when I see him again Insha’Allah.
17. A Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide by Mark D. Siljander. a gift from my friend Dorothy.


Fiction and Random books

Shelf 2

Again, this shelf doesn’t contain much fiction books but I’m planning to order more Boxsets and all the work of Sherlock holmes the BBC edition so it will be full soon Insha’Allah.

1. The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.
2. The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (Pseudonym), J.K. Rowling.
3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling.
4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling.
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.
6. The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset by Suzanne Collins.
7. The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien.
8. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.

9. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
10. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Lessons from a Master Carpenter by Norm Abram.
11. The Family Business: Its Governance for Sustainability by Fred Neubauer, Alden G. Lank.

12. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.
13. The Gillian Flynn Collection: Sharp Objects, Dark Places, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.


Russian Literature

أدب روسي

ٍShelf 3

I was astonished when I found most of my Russian literature reading were e-books so I’m planning to complete these shelves soon as well!!

1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.
آنا مارنينا by ليو تولستوي
2. The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
الأبله by فيودور دويستوفسكي
3. The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
المقامر by فيودور دويستوفسكي
4. The Complete Short Novels by Anton Chekhov
الأعمال المختارة #1 by أنطون تشيخوف
5. Five Great Short Stories by Anton Chekhov
الأعمال المختارة #2 by أنطون تشيخوف
6. Chekhov Long Stories by Anton Chekhov
الأعمال المختارة #3 by أنطون تشيخوف
7. The Complete Plays by Anton Chekhov
الأعمال المختارة #4 by أنطون تشيخوف
8. The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorky
الساقطون by مكسيم غوركي
9. A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov
بطل من هذا الزمان by ميخائيل ليرمنتوف


Islamic and Arabic Thinking

فكر إسلامي وعربي

shelf 4

I’m proud of this collection, read most of them as they helped shape my thinking and the way I see the world.

1. هروبي إلى الحرية علي عزت بيجوفيتش
2. الإسلام بين الشرق والغرب علي عزت بيجوفيتش
3. الديمقراطية وحقوق الإنسان في الإسلام راشد الغنوشي
4. الحريات العامة في الدولة الإسلامية #1 راشد الغنوشي
5. الحريات العامة في الدولة الإسلامية #2 راشد الغنوشي
6. رؤية للسلام العالمي رجب طيب أردوغان
7. الدين والعلمانية في سياق تاريخي – الجزء الأول عزمي بشارة
8. روح الدين: من ضيق العلمانية إلى سعة الائتمانية طه عبد الرحمن
9. سؤال الأخلاق: مساهمة في النقد الأخلاقي للحداثة الغربية طه عبد الرحمن
10. التخلف الاجتماعي: مدخل إلى سيكولوجية الإنسان المقهور مصطفى حجازي
11. الظاهرة القرآنية مالك بن نبي
12. مشكلة الأفكار في العالم الإسلامي مالك بن نبي
13. وجهة العالم الإسلامي #1 مالك بن نبي
14. وجهة العالم الإسلامي #2 مالك بن نبي
15. الصراع الفكري في البلاد المستعمرة مالك بن نبي
16. من أجل التغيير مالك بن نبي
17. شروط النهضة مالك بن نبي
18. الإسلام في الألفية الثالثة ديانة في صعود مراد هوفمان
19. الإسلام على مفترق الطرق محمد أسد
20. ماذا خسر العالم بانحطاط المسلمين أبو الحسن الندوي
21. حتى الملائكة تسأل: رحلة إلى الإسلام في أمريكا جيفري لانج
22. الصراع من أجل الإيمان جيفري لانج
23. القرآن والتوراة والإنجيل؛ دراسة في ضوء العلم الحديث موريس بوكاي
24. طبائع الاستبداد ومصارع الاستعباد عبدالرحمن الكواكبي
25. الطريق إلى مكة محمد أسد

Coming back with another tour through my bookshelves 🙂


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