October in Sweden… wait for me!!

Lund University

I still can’t believe that I was accepted for the Social Innovation in a Digital Context (SIDC) programme in Sweden in association with Lund University. I’m actually over excited as it is the first time I have the chance to travel and explore the world by my own. Although I have to deliver a project by the end of the one year programme period but I’m really excited to meet my colleagues from the Middle east and North Africa who will be part of this programme as well.


Having the chance to study and attend one of the best 100 universities in the world is really amazing were I will have the chance to meet professors, researchers and students and engage with constructive conversations, seminars and knowledge sharing. I’m really excited to be back to school, I had wonderful years in my Bachelor and Masters studies but I was only exposed to people from my own profession and study expertise unlike here, people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, cultures and even values and idealization would be very promising and rewarding. Being able to combine technology with socio-political affairs in this project were we can promote for social justice and human rights is really something we can build for our societies and hope for making change!!


Anyway, these houses seems really beautiful I can’t wait to hang out in these streets!! it will be in October but I would like this even more as I’m a winter person 🙂 I started to check the grocery stores and these stuff to see if I would need to cook for myself or what!! I’d like it if I can have an access for my other colleagues to see from where they are. I feel excited already to make friends and have the opportunity to explore cultures and social norms from their countries.

Its crazy how excitement drive you to search for the living there, how the studio apartments for students will look like, what stuff to pack, I even started to order some books about the topics we might discuss and save them for the trip and the weekends there!! I hope the people there are cool and like to hang out as I definitely would like to spend evenings out and explore this city. A chance to visit the beach would be really AWESOME!! I know I won’t make it to Copenhagen but who knows I might plan for a visit there as well. I’ll prepare a list of the museums, castles, events I can visit and attend while in there.

Wow… its five months from now and I can feel the excitement and joy to leave already… so alive and so firing.. so here I come LUND!!




12 thoughts on “October in Sweden… wait for me!!

  1. I’ve got the same feeling just like you! And indeed! I can feel the excitement and joy to leave as well. I got an approximately 3 months before leaving my country and travel for the first time to US for my graduate study. Nice post! Tq for writing this. Makes me wanna share what I felt too on my blog 🙂

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