When Silent Migraine pays you a visit


Not long ago I knew that the blurred images I have, dizziness and lost of focus and seeing is called silent migraine. My silent migraine visits me when I do not have much sleep or when I’m exhausted and tired and yes they come with a ZigZag Aura.

I never panicked before, I would close my eyes until I gain my first visual sight back, the dizziness is stopped and I can hold my self up to set down, take a deep breathe and continue working until everything is back to normal. But this time was different, I panicked!! Once I realized that closing the curtains did nothing to the blurred images I had on my screen my heart starts to beat faster, closed my eyes for too long and started to urge it to go away.

There is a saying by Oscar wild that says: “Knowledge would be fatal. It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful”! I keep thinking that would it be better if I didn’t know that I do have a silent migraine! I don’t have a sever headache I barely feel it Thank God but the moment I did a research on the topic I started to feel stressed out when it passes by! Sometimes not knowing is good indeed.


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