Integrate Sharepoint Document List with Sitecore

One of the interesting modules in Sitecore is the Sharepoint Integration Framework (SPIF) that allows Sitecore to integrate data (View/Save) with Sharepoint. You can install the SPIF module that matches your Sitecore version from

There is two types of integration, Page Level integration in which you can use SharePoint controls (sublayouts) to display SharePoint lists inside your Sitecore site and the other type called Item Level integration in which Sitecore has the full control over the SharePoint content provided. For more information, you can refer to this manual:

Sitecore 6.3-6.5:

Sitecore 6.3-7.0:

The thing with these controls is that they have the SharePoint style (design, look and feel, etc..) so sometimes it would look a little bit odd in your Sitecore site but Sitecore always gives you the solution by using the SharePoint APIs integrated withing the SPIF module. Here is a quick way to display SharePoint lists within your site using these APIs.

Integration Pr-requisite:

  1. Download the SPIF package or at least get the integration dlls into your bin folder.
  2. Get a running SharePoint instance and integrate the connection details into the sharepoint.config file or put at any config file to be used later when creating the SharePoint context.

Integration steps:

First thing we need to define the SharePoint context. In this class, I just listed all the possible ways to read the information needed to create the context including the server name and credentials.

Once we set up this integration context, everything else is just straightforward. I modified the function above to return the server name as well since we need it when reading the SharePoint list.

You need to make sure to use the same list name that is defined in SharePoint site.

Finally, we will bind the returned list to a repeater and in this case we are returning a list of documents that will be opened inside SharePoint.

That’s it!! All you need to have your control styled the way you wish your list to look like.


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