My facination with Street Art

My dreams will have no borders… Che Guevara

street art

I don’t know the first time I fell in love with street art… I remember wherever I saw a painting on the wall I would be very fascinated and excited… those colors that break out the solid stones, shining and screaming… I am here… I have a voice… and my voice would reach out without any barrier or legislation.

In my town, we usually see graffiti and paintings on school walls where the message is out clear praising education and showing the happiness of schoolchildren while studying in the homeland. Later on, the message of graffiti became a reflection of what the youth feel and like to express love, life, happiness, sadness, grief, daily life activities.

In Palestine, we were inspired mainly by Banksy graffiti and paintings on the separation wall. When he first came here and started to paint, it was phenomenal and very inspiring and creative that we never imagined that resistance could take the form of drawing and the message delivered out there can be reached out to many people. I think the feelings of Palestinians was very clear, showing appreciation and gratitude to Banksy work were we was so excited sharing these pics and wishing we were there to capture the beauty of these voices on the ugly face of the separation wall.

banksy palestinebanksy palestine

banksy palestinebanksy palestine

Drawing and painting was not very popular in the Arab world as it was only available for high class and educated people. In recent years after the explosion of social media and the internet, we noticed a revolution in how we see art and specially street art. For me, it is about freedom of speech… expressing yourself through art… painting… connecting to people regardless of language… showing yourself to the world… a way for the youth.. for us to scream… to shout… to say… we are here and we have a voice. Sometimes our dreams are very big… very hard to achieve… sometimes it is limited by time and abilities… and sometimes… it is just simply neglected by the others and by those in authority… but deep down inside we know… that our dreams will have no borders… and it would be spread out… even if it was simply through a color and lines on an old wall…

tunisia el boazizi

Street art all over the world has its own message… regardless of what these artists try to tell the world… regardless of the background of those artists… regardless of their languages… regardless of their gender or ethnicity… this kind of Art has a true a message… a message that is from the heart… a  message that can reach out for everyone of us…

dont forget to take your lunch and make some trouble





children graffiti






the walls are alive


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