Did you know! (1)

Starting this year with some fun facts! I’m planning to have a very creative year (a fat-a** lie!) and blog as much as I can.

Did you know is a series of bizarre and fun facts you probably knew and don’t care, really! but why not spread the word and see where are we going with this. I have a plenty of ideas in my mind but writing a blog is just a start and let’s see where are we going with this.

So Lord Voldemort’s family weren’t all bad, apparently! this family tree is demonstrating that he is human in heart! although I am not a Slytherin fan, (I know you guessed it right, I’m a Gryffindor), but I don’t have any issue with Lord Voldemort (I even have his wand at home).

Anyway, here it is, your first fun fact:

Read more about it, here.


BOXING: 101 – DAY 5


One of the main muscles that you rely on when boxing is legs! Nevermind that the coach thinks that our fitness sucks but also we have weak legs that gonna cause us injuries now or later.

Two main things you can do while focusing on any of your muscles during your boxing workout. You can work out that body part and do shadow boxing. Meaning that never forget that you need to practice your moves. You can throw a 100 Jabs or Hooks, maneuver different footwork and do your thing!

Of the many legs workout out there, I found that using steps can make you really sweat and move that body 😉

Or you can tire yourself to death 😱

Happy boxing! 🥊

BOXING: 101 – DAY 4

This is all about repetition! meaning that you will need to start practicing different moves and bunches in order to enhance your boxing stance and your body & muscle connection.

Variety is key here. You can start by practicing your core bunches and then start mixing them with your legs kicks. There is a number of different routines out there, you can create your own or just follow any of those online.

Examples are below or you can follow this article:




Stretching & Flexibility:

and finally, you can jot down your daily routine and see how things go!

BOXING: 101 – DAY 3

One thing you need to keep in mind: you need to keep practicing to master the technique. As more classes pass by, the rhythm gets faster and higher and while you are trying to keep up with your coach and classmates, it is very easy that you lose your grip on the technique to the speed of the move.

When it comes to boxing, it doesn’t matter if how many moves you learn because if you don’t do it right, it doesn’t matter and will get you hurt much more often than it helps you to defend yourself.

Tip #1: Shadow Boxing

A good example to do this while practicing at home is to perform these moves in front of a mirror. Seeing how you are applying the technique will help you adjust the move when wrong and to maintain your posture when right.

Also, shadow boxing helps you train your mind as well as your body. As long as you keep your body engaged without the having a boxing bag or an opponent in front of you, it helps you maneuver and create as much techniques as you wish.

I found it very helpful to have a better grip of my waist and and upper body movements as I can feel them while focusing on how does it look like in the mirror and correct it when I throw my arms left and right trying to master a hook!

Tip #2 Breathing!

Another thing we usually tend to forget while boxing or workout in general is to Breathe! Breathing doesn’t only help you burn fat while working out but also help you rhime your moves with your breathe to achieve better power and hit.

So how to breathe! when you throw a punch, you exhale through your mouth or more precisely through your teeth. You don’t need to be hit in the face and lose these shinny pearls 😛 don’t hesitate to whistle or make some noise while exhaling (for an beginner, it boosts your esteem to sound like professionals and help you really rhime your moves with your breathe!). Once you throw that bunch, inhale slowly to refill your lungs. Don’t do it excessively but in moderate in order to not distract your mind on the process of breathing rather than the process of boxing!

Tip #3 Repeat!

As they say, repetition is the mother of all skills! enough said!

Happy Boxing!

BOXING: 101 – DAY 2

Make no mistake, the game is getting harder and harder as the expectations are getting bigger by the time! this time around besides the usual rehearsal of moves like the Jab and the Hook, we’ve focused more on leg kicks this time.

Nevertheless, we learned one more hand move (or technique), which is the Uppercut. With this move, think about hitting the side. A full hip rotation will power up this move and give you the chance to through a stronger bunch at your opponent!

Another important hand move is the Cross. The technique is simple, while you maintain the boxing stance, tilt your right leg and swing your hip to the right and through a punch from the right.

Leg Kicks

So, here is the biggest confusion! they say in class that this is a boxing class, however, I think that they are teaching us some kickboxing techniques especially the leg moves!

We’ve learned two leg techniques so far that I managed to lock up only one leg move but, oh well, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!

One of these is the Front Leg Kick. It might sound a straightforward leg kick but boy that’s hard! you need to hit the bag as strong as you can

The other kick is somehow you raise your leg 45 degrees in the air, hit the bottom of the bag, bend down and repeat. You can do that 100 times for each leg and go to the corner and die 😥

One last thing, a good warmup is all it needs to start your boxing workout. A good warmup I found is to find a good song to learn your warmup moves and knock it out!

Oh goodness! happy boxing 🙂

Boxing: 101 – Day 1


So basically a week ago was my first boxing class and man! it was a hell of traning day! I just realized that all this time in the gym didn’t help me a bit maintain my fitness through the 60 minutes of jumping, crunching, stretching and of course: boxing!

What is exciting about this is that besides watching a whole load of movies about kickboxing and stuff, the amount of workout you do during these 60 minutes are equivalent to my whole week workout!

One important thing I learned out from this experience is Stretch your body and never start your workout without warm up! I mean I don’t start any workout without a minimum of 10 minutes cardio but what I learned about my body after sitting down behind a desk 24/7 is that it is totally ruined! the amount of sore muscles after each workout is promising but it is really bad that I can’y walk sometime!

Anyway! I was a bit behind classes as I joined just last week, however, I needed to make sure that I can keep up with the rest of the guys. Basic techniques is what you need to master. One thing I didn’t like that the coach didn’t put terms to the movements or postures we did but! some research here and there I managed to start with a couple of novice how to along with having my mini routine on the side to keep up with the rest.


To start with, I needed to check that I’m all geared up with the right equipment. They say that all you need is your boxing gloves but after doing some (100!) punches to the bag, my knuckles really hurt and I went ahead and bought Hand Wraps after class.

An important thing would be to learn how to wrap them around your knuckles and avoid blocking your blood circle doing that! You can search Youtube on how to Wrap your hands for beginners. I found this channel and this coach as one of the best to learn how to step by step.

Your Boxing Gloves are the main thing you need 😛 go figure! you’ll need to figure out the right glove size however. You can check your size based on your weight, mine is 12 oz!

Till now, this is all I needed! good pants and shoes to keep you focused on the training and learning the technique.

I’ll update this section if I needed anything else in the future!


Your posture is the most important thing in boxing, if you master it, everything else is practice! The first thing you need to learn is your Footwork. How to place your legs and along them your shoulders is something you need to maintain during every practice. Your legs needs to stay 90 degrees with slight shift to the right. Your shoulders need to stay 11 to 5 o’clock at all times.

Another important technique you will need to learn is how to duck from a bunch. This is called Bobbing and Weaving. TBH, this one was really hard! not only because I’m not fit for Squats! but also, you will need to weave, meaning shifting your waist both sides like you are dancing and I’m a big sucker in dancing!

Nevertheless, it was hard at the beginning to imagine how that technique work but if you break it down into two movements, you can eventually succeed in combining them into a one move! First, focus on bobbing, that’s similar to Somo Squats while maintaining your Footwork posture! once you master this technique the second step is learning how to weave your body from one side to side. You will need to make sure that your whole body along with your shoulder are moving as well. The third step is duck down and move your body left and right, left and right. It is a bit hard in the beginning but slowly you will learn how to move that body 😉

Once you learn how to avoid a bunch you’ll need to learn how to throw one back. There is two main techniques to focus on now: a Jab and a Hook.

When you throw a Jab, you’ll need to focus on keeping your head straight, your footwork in position, left first and the right behind, you through a straight punch in your left hand by moving your shoulder from 11 o’clock position to 12 o’clock and hit hard. Keep your head low, your hands up protecting your face and your left leg moving along.

On the other hand, when you throw a Hook, you will focus on your right hand with 90 degree bend, weave your right shoulder to 12 o’clock and move your right leg. Put your entire power in that punch when you weave or rotate your hip.

Thus far, this is what I’ve learned in my first day! let’s see what’s coming my way in the coming class and I’ll keep you updated!

Happy Boxing🥊



Do you want to see a real story of Oliver Sacks many stories we read! Watch this movie, Momento! I watched this movie a million times and I never felt bored, on the contrary, every time I was more intrigued to think!

You see he lost his short term memory after an accident and was unable to generate new memories and these memories at best lasted for 15 minutes! 15 minutes before your life repeats itself again and again and again! Imagine that you had that thought in your head before the accident and even if you managed somehow to accomplish it afterwards, you never remember! And you keep going behind the same quest again and again and again!

To cope with this, he created a system. He will ink facts (whatever he realizes before forgetting about it) into his body and rely on Polaroid pictures with names on them to identify people! Pretty much messed up, right!


Remember Sam Jenkins!

He keeps repeating to himself. A case that brought up to him about a guy with a short term memory case that happened after an accident that he himself didn’t believe was true! Would the power of habit works in this case? What do you think?

Now imagine your life built on top of ‘could be facts’ where your brain, the only thing that you relied on your entire life to be true, is no longer effective, no longer valid! Imagine that your life is a time loophole that never ends and anything outside, anyone will try to show you the truth from their own perspective and you can’t do anything about it! People will be the source of your truth, your own life and all you can do is to live in doubt.


For the book “Islam between East and West”, now this case is really fascinating to be discussed within morality, choice and freedom, would be mental joy at its best, but… Oh, well…